New Epuramat investor from the real estate industry

Contern, 9 March 2010 - The cleantech company Epuramat has acquired a new investor: Pitt Pirrotte is a founding member of Property Partners, the largest real estate consultant in Luxembourg, and a member of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance. With Pitt Pirrotte's support, Epuramat will now also focus on wastewater treatment solutions for sustainable buildings and residential areas.

With Pitt Pirrotte, Epuramat is gaining an expert in the real estate industry. The Luxembourg native is the founder of the real estate consulting company "Property Partners", and has extensive experience in this industry. Along with his financial commitment to Epuramat, he will also become involved in the development and implementation of the company's strategic direction.

For Epuramat, the ability to provide complete water treatment systems for green buildings and residential areas opens up a new and important customer segment. "Builders place great importance on the advantages offered by Epuramat technology as compared to conventional treatment systems. Epuramat treatment systems can achieve space savings of up to 90%. And space is money! In addition, the facilities are completely enclosed, thereby preventing odor and noise pollution as well as aesthetic problems", says Pitt Pirrotte about his decision to become a minority shareholder in the cleantech company. As for himself, he is planning to integrate Epuramat water treatment systems in future building projects.

As early as the coming week, from 16 - 19 March 2010, Epuramat will be presenting its concept for closed waste water treatment systems at the Cannes real estate fair MIPIM, where the company will be represented as part of a Luxembourg community booth.


About Epuramat

Founded in 2005 in Luxembourg, Epuramat S.A. is a specialist and pioneer in innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions. Its patented ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) pre-treatment solution uses fluid dynamics, with no moving parts, to separate solid matter from liquid, enabling wastewater to be more easily and more efficiently processed or recycled. Epuramat systems can be used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, including treating wastewater from remote communities for direct discharge into open surface water; separating oil from water; treating industrial water for re-use; and treating digestate wastewater resulting from biogas production. The Epuramat plants are currently in operation in Europe, the US and Canada.

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