Epuramat sells Box4Water to an industrial company in France

Contern, 16 April 2009 – As a specialist in sewage treatment, the Cleantech-company Epuramat delivers a “Box4Water” to a French sewer cleaning company. Epuramat’s container wastewater treatment plant enables the company to independently recycle the polluted water, granting the firm great savings of wastewater taxes.

In the past, the company had utilized fresh water for high-pressure cleaning of the canal. Subsequently, the contaminated water was pumped into tank trucks and transported to the communal sewage works for disposal, this accruing high wastewater taxes for the sewer cleaning company. In the future, the “Box4Water” allows them to independently purify the water on their company premises. The recycled, purified water may then be used to purge the canals and results in savings for both fresh water as well as the waiving of wastewater taxes.

Depending on the degree of pollution as well the region in Europe, wastewater taxes for industrial sewage strongly vary. Relatively high fees averaging between 45.00 and 75.00 EUR per cubic meter of sewage are accrued in the sewer cleaning industry. For example, a sewer cleaning company operating eight tank trucks quickly achieves an annual water consumption of approximately 6,000 cubic meters. “Box4Water” could save this company around 400,000.00 EUR on annual wastewater taxes. For this reason and solely based on those wastewater taxes saved, “Box4Water” actually amortizes itself within the shortest period of time.

Furthermore, waiting times and empty runs of company-owned tank trucks, previously deployed to transport the sewage to the sewage plants, no longer apply. The dependence on the communal sewage plant’s very limited hours of operation is also a thing of the past.

“Box4Water” is a complete wastewater treatment plant in a 20’-container. In comparison to standard plants, this enormous space reduction gained is made solely possible through the patent-pending pre-treatment module “ExSep” from Epuramat. Through its highly efficient and space-saving pre-treatment, with the Extreme-Separator “ExSep”, purification during the subsequent stages of treatment is enormously simplified and disburdened. This results in smaller and simpler treatment systems that are distinguished through lower maintenance effort and simple operability.

The company, which does not want to be mentioned by name, has several locations in France. The association deploys the “Box4Water” at the appropriate location, where needed. Thanks to the mobile container construction, permits are not required.

About Epuramat

Epuramat S.A. was founded in 2005 at the Luxembourg-based business incubator Technoport. The company provides technologically advanced water treatment facilities and systems. The Epuramat technology, which is based on the Solid/Liquid separator "ExSep” (Extreme Separator) for which a patent has been filed, enables the efficient treatment of wastewater, resulting in relatively simpler, smaller and - with regard to investment and operating costs – more cost-effective wastewater facilities. Epuramat is a private corporation, with headquarters located in the industrial zone Chaux de Contern near the city of Luxembourg and the airport.

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